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Tyler Cole Builders proudly offers professional roofing services, including maintenance, repairs, replacements, tear downs, certifications and inspections. We work on flat roofs, shingle roofs, title roofs, siding and metal. You’ll be confident knowing that you are working with a licensed and insured roofing contractor provides fully guaranteed and warranted services against defects in both material and workmanship.

Roof Replacement
Finding out you have to have a roof replacement is not the best news in the world to receive. We know how to make the process stress free and cost effective. These two items are very important when hiring a contractor to provide this type of extensive service. We help you find the best material for the budget you have to replace your home’s roof. Don’t worry about a thing; as your roofing experts we will help you make this an easy process.

Roof Repair
Encountering roof repairs is always something that every homeowner wishes that they didn’t have to resolve. One of the most crucial items to ensure having is the quality of material during the repair. On top of that hiring the right company to provide the roof repairs on your home can make a huge impact of the life of the repair.

Wind & Storm Damage Repair
In the Chicagoland area, we have a fair share of storms and extensive damage. With the wind, ice, rain, and sun aging your home’s roof; Wind & Storm Damage repairs can be necessary if you want to prevent internal damage to your home. Here at Tyler Cole Builders, we have seen all types of wind and storm damage and have repaired roofs from the worse storms.